Entry to Belarus (COVID-19 restrictions)

Updated July 24, 2021

Below are the key points on this issue.

  1. Updated July 15. The new resolution removes the self-isolation requirement for arrivals with vaccination certificates. It also cancels the PCR test requirement for them too.
  2. All unvaccinated foreigners to enter Belarus are required to have a negative PCR test performed no later than 3 days before crossing the border.
  3. Most unvaccinated travelers MUST complete the 7-day self-isolation in Belarus. But 7-day self-isolation is mandatory only for persons arriving from the countries included by the Ministry of Health in the so-called "red zone". Here is the list of the countries from the so-called "green zone" from which arrival does not require 7 days of quarantine for unvaccinated travelers:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Great Britain
    New Zealand
    North Macedonia
    San Marino
    South Korea
    United Arab Emirates

    Please note! If you are not vaccinated that only a route to Minsk that includes "green"-listed countries will allow you to avoid the 7-day quarantine upon arrival in Belarus.

  4. For foreign citizens entry into the Republic of Belarus at the land checkpoints is temporarily suspended, except the border with the Russian Federation. Foreign citizens are allowed to enter Belarus through airports only.

More information on this issue you can find here: COVID-19: crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus.

Departure from Belarus

For foreign citizens, departure is not restricted, but it is possible to cross the border no earlier than the expiration of the 7-day self-isolation period (if it was required).

How to Get to Minsk?

If you are not traveling from Russia, then the only way to get to Minsk is by plane since foreign citizens are allowed to enter Belarus through airports only. There are currently the following direct flights to and from Minsk (for your convenience, we marked the locations of the so-called "red" and "green" zones, read the details above):

  • Istanbul Belavia, Turkish Airlines
  • Antalya Belavia
  • Sharm El Sheikh Belavia
  • Dubai Belavia, FlyDubai
  • Tel Aviv Belavia
  • Tbilisi Belavia
  • Batumi Belavia
  • Yerevan Belavia
  • Baku Belavia
  • Nur-Sultan Belavia
  • Tashkent Belavia, Uzbekistan Airways
  • Also Minsk is directly connected by flights with many locations in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad etc. But please note, that flights between Russia and Belarus are considered as domestic, this means that you will require both Russian transit and Belarusian visas to travel.

The National Airport in Minsk is located some 50 km from Minsk. To get to the city from the airport you can take a bus (~€ 2), take a taxi (~€ 30) or rent a car. Buses depart every hour from 7 am to 10.30 pm. Buses arrive in Minsk to the Central Bus Terminal (which is next to the Central Rail Terminal). Taxis (~€ 30) are available at the airport every time there are arrivals. A car rental office is at the arrivals terminal.

If you prefer travelling by train, there are currently direct connections to Minsk, but only from Russia. Trains arrive in Minsk to the Central Rail Terminal which is connected by public transport to all the parts of the city.

Visa to Entrance to Belarus

Most foreigners visiting Belarus need to obtain a visa. But citizens of many countries have an opportunity to enter the country under a simplified procedure today. Such trips have become possible due to visa-free travel regulations in Belarus.

Foreign nationals may visit any place in Belarus within 30 days of their visa-free stay. However, they must arrive and leave the country only through Minsk National Airport (MSQ - this is the only civilian airport in Minsk).

Please, note, that the visa-free entry rules do not extend

  • to any other international border checkpoints or airports of the country.
  • to persons coming to Belarus by plane from the Russian Federation, as well as to those who intend to fly to the airports of the Russian Federation (such flights are considered as internal ones and do not have border control).

You can find all required information on the MFA website. The details are also in the short video below. See you in Minsk!